Play the Great Canadian scavenger hunt!

Exclusive to those at the event!

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The Great Canadian Scavenger Hunt is a fun and exciting contest for those who like a challenge! Cool prizes don’t hurt either!

There will be approximately 80 treasures randomly chosen.
How it works:
  • Use your “Pirate Booty” Card to check off treasures as you find them. All you need is a picture to check it off your list.
  • Each treasure will have a sticker on it, viewable in your pictures as verification it’s the actual item. The Treasures will not just be located in the massive underground Parkade (the location of the Great Canadian Garage Sale & Expo) they will also be found through-out the many stores New Horizon Mall has to offer on their main and upper Levels.
  • Naturally some of the items on the Treasure Booty list will be sold. The sold items will be replaced with cards having the Treasure’s name on it.  Your picture of that card will then be used in place of the picture of the actual Treasure. That Ensures there will always be the same number of items available to be found.
  • This is a timed Event.
  • There will be awesome prize packages for the top 2 Scavenger Hunters each day!
  • Receive your free Pirate Booty Card located at the Great Canadian Garage Sale & Expo’s main Event desk.
  • All winners Booty cards will be verified by the pictures taken from their chosen device.

Free to play with your entry to the Great Canadian Garage Sale & Expo. Good luck and have fun!

Sales Closed

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