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Why host your Garage Sale with GCGSX?

  • If you live in an apartment and don’t have a way to have a garage sale, you do now!
  • If you’re thinking of having a Garage Sale or trying to figure out how to organize your life and finally win back your garage, basement, or guest room.
  • If you’re tired of paying storage fees and want to get rid of your clutter.
  • If you don’t want the hassle of organizing your own garage sale at home, advertising on local websites, making signs, putting up the signs all over your neighborhood and then taking them down.
  • If you worry about strangers coming to your personal home and encroaching on your privacy.
  • If you’re worried about going through all that effort to have anywhere from only 10-50 people come to your sale, then GCGSX is for you!
  • Regular Vendors are also welcome!

You have none of those concerns hosting with GCGSX, and thousands of people will be there with cash in hand to purchase your items!

The Great Canadian Garage Sale + Expo is the newest, safest, quickest, easiest, and without a question the best way to host your own Garage Sale!

How it works

Your spaces are extremely affordable because we always want a sold out show with hundreds of tables of items for people to buy from! The price for your 150sq ft Selling Space is just $35 for the first day, and only $29 for second day if you purchase both days.

The Great Canadian Garage Sale + Expo (GCGSX) wants everyone to host their Garage Sales with us from now on. It’s the new way to Garage Sale – that’s why it’s so affordable! All Vendors are also entered into all the door prize draws!

Attention Vendors that sell items at flea markets on a regular basis, businesses, and vendors that sell hand made or manufactured items regularly for profit: You are welcome to join the event also. Just remember The GCGSX is about Value and people finding true bargains. Booking with the Great Canadian Garage Sale & Expo is extremely affordable compared to any other venue especially when considering the space you receive 9ft x 18ft = 162 sq ft!!! You are also given Super-Passes for booking with the GCGSX, 2 per space booked. Book Now!

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The GCGSX vs other events

With almost 40,000 Sq ft of true rented space (not just total Sq ft of the floor plan) the Great Canadian Garage Sale is truly the biggest Indoor Garage Sale! Not just in Calgary, rather the biggest in Canada!

  • With Local community center events you rent a very small space with a table for about $45 (2.5×8 table equals 20 Sq ft) you can host a true Garage Sale with your 150 Square foot (9 x 18′) area the Great Canadian Garage sale & Expo supplies you.
  • The GCGSX rental cost is just $35 or only $64 if you pick both days! Works out to $32 per day! That’s an incredible value for over 7 times the space! Bring furniture, paintings, clothes, appliances, motorcycles, quads and more. Have a true garage sale not just a small table of tiny things.
  • You can put up 3, 4 or more tables if you like. Most of the vendors rent 2 spaces side by side for over 300sq ft!
  • Community center Events charge an average of $25 for the table rental, the GCGSX…$13.95 if you need a table, or bring your own; up to you.
  • Thousands of people come to the GCGSX, not hundreds.
  • It’s an Expo, win prizes and have fun playing some awesome games, contests, and many thousands of dollars worth of door prizes. Refer to the Aug event pictures, Vendors won more than half of the Major prizes!
  • Vendors automatically get two Super-Passes per day booked, and per space
  • Whether you are looking to host with The Great Canadian Garage Sale & Expo or come for the Deals, Prizes and Fun, the GCGSX is the place to be!

Setup Guidelines

We make it easy for our Vendors to set up or restock your space.

  • Vendors appearing on both days, or Friday only: Setup on Thursday November 24 from 10am - 7pm, or Friday morning from 8am - Noon.
  • Saturday-only Vendors and those that need to replenish their items: Setup from 8am - 10am on Saturday morning.

Calgary's Amazing Location!

Clean, open and bright, our Calgary location is perfect for hosting your Personal Garage Sale Space.

  • Convenient drive-in drive-out
  • Safe and secure with 24/7 security
  • Clean and bright

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Personal indoor garage sale space, 150 square feet, convenient drive in, drive out for setup and take down. The November event will be held again in New Horizon Mall's massive, bright and clean underground parkade! CLICK TO SEE OUR SPACE

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